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Time is of the essence right ? I agree, so why should we waste time going back and forth or submitting only parts of the screening information. Screening is for our safety and yours and screening is always a must.

I want you to feel secure that your information is always kept confidential during the screening process and deleted after the process is completed. 

Full name is only required when you are providing employment information. Employment verification is not required, if you are using other methods of screening.

Gia Donna's Secrets accept the following for screening

  • RS2K
  • P411
  • Date- Check 
  • Whitelists on TER
  • References (from reputable and reference friendly companions, references are a courtesy therefore some models or agencies may not provide them please ask them before providing us with their information) If your references are more than 9 months old we can't accept
  • Employment information (always completed in a discreet manner, if you'd like to hear about the employment process then just shoot us an email) 




We do not just accept a TER or ECCIE handle, sorry. 


Come on...let's keep life simple. :)


Stay sexy, 

Gia Donna